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CareerBrain™ was developed by the York University School of Continuing Studies.

The School of Continuing Studies is a diverse community of students from over 90 countries who are united by a shared sense of purpose: achieving personal and professional growth in a rapidly changing career and educational landscape. Our ability to offer accelerated, accessible and innovative programs that prepare our students to adapt and lead in response to this change has made us the fastest-growing school in Canada.

Our Story

Codesigned and delivered by senior industry leaders, our professional programs feature experiential learning methods that help students develop career-specific technical skills and robust cross-functional expertise.

We have partnered with Lightcast, the world’s largest and most sophisticated database of labour market data and talent. Their AI-powered technology will help you to find pathways to in-demand jobs now and in the future.

What is CareerBrain?

CareerBrain is a data-driven career navigation solution that enables the Canadian workforce to advance in the new career ecosystem by providing users with a holistic view of their career options. Users can assess their current skills, learn about in-demand roles, and explore new possibilities in adjacent roles. CareerBrain provides users with a comprehensive list of upskilling and reskilling education credentials by accredited universities that are developed in partnership with industry leaders.

How does it work?

Using the world’s largest labour-market database, CareerBrain maps a user’s current skills and experience against real-time job market data to reveal tangible career options.

CareerBrain’s powerful algorithm offers users a comprehensive view of their career options matching their experience and transferable skills to in-demand roles, adjacent roles and non-intuitive career paths. The solution provides a road map for users by identifying and analyzing their unique skill set including their transferable skills, expected and unexpected options for career paths and the programs required to get there. CareerBrain complements a user’s innate curiosity and passion by providing them with robust insights to enable them to make sound decisions, propel them into their next role and bring their future into view.